1. Only Some

From the recording A Cache In The Warehouse Floor

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Only Some

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Let me be in love tonight and stay here til the morning light.
And never blame the morning on the sun.
And when the lovin time must quit, let me not ask more of it.
And just be glad I had a bit of some.

When I’m barely squeaking through, paying back and paying dues,
Let me not wish life could be undone.
If I’m thirsty by the seas, or if I’m starving at the feast,
Make me grateful I’ve at least got some.

Lord, if I should lose my day, and all I hope for flies away,
Let me not resent what didn’t come.
If all of my dreaming ends, and I never dream again.
Let me be content that I saw some.

Just before they lay me down to my home inside Your ground
Let me say, “I want to be who I’ve become.”
And if by chance I get a taste of more than just a glimpse of grace.
Let me be ok with only some.
Let me be ok with only some.