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Westminster Chimes

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I will remember you by Westminster chimes,
Ringing through the darkness, softly singing me the time.
You tend to echo like a song inside of me,
Always on the hour, and every time between.

I will remember you by bells at the door,
Welcoming the weather and the friends you waited for.
I feel we're home again when snow begins to fall.
Or any time the wind blows, or any time at all.

I will remember you by beds of scarlet coal.
Flashing in your starlit eyes when we would huddle close.
Sometimes I see those fires burning in the sky.
Lighting up my memory one star at a time.

I will remember you when lakes go to frost
Making us a valley that we like to walk across.
And there you go again, you’re crossing into view.
Long as there is me, dear I remember you.