It Wasn’t A Good Time

It wasn’t a good time to take a vacation. 

We have too much debt. The restaurant isn’t running very smoothly. The kids have been needy lately. The house is a mess. My dog is getting older. I’m behind on paperwork... 

In other words, it was a perfect time. 

I rented myself an old one-room cabin in Estes Park this past weekend. I had no screens with me. Cell service was patchy. My closest neighbors were pine trees & a herd of elk. 

In the mornings, I took long hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. Then I would head back to the cabin & write songs until I fell asleep, exhausted, but the happiest I’ve been in years.

I even saw a moose.

Reader, there’s never a good time. We’re never ready. But man, we all need breaks. A person isn’t meant to work for a hundred straight days before they get to rest. 

I would know.  

This rejuvenated writer is off to catch up w/ her family. I’ll see you next Monday. -Em

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