Big Picture Thinking

This week, I let a lot of small things get to me. 

I hate when I do that.

Not only because it's a waste of time, but also because those things are just not going to matter in the long run.  This week, I got visibly flustered by such ridiculous events as: running out of paper towels at work, burning toast, spilling grape juice on the couch, and losing my favorite chapstick.


Reader, I'm going to keep it short tonight.  My friend Mike passed along a picture of me, from one year ago today   I'm sure I had a dozen little things getting to me back then, too.  Only today, I don't remember a single one.  So many things have changed, and none of the little hiccups mattered.  If you too are finding yourself getting wrapped up in the minutia, let's zoom out. Whenever we're able to think about the big picture in the heat of the moment, the small stuff just naturally slips away.  

With that, this songwriting mama is going to slip into a glass of wine and a cooking magazine.  I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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