Take To The Oars

I went into Chicago today to record a few songs with my friends Gregg, Gerald, and John.  I was hungry and thought the guys might be hungry too, so I stopped at a store this morning to get some food.

That’s where my wallet—including all the cash I had saved for recording—was stolen.

After the worst week I’ve ever had at restaurant, today was a real kick in the pants.  I had hoped for a breezy day, and instead it was the reverse.  Which is uncanny, because one of the songs we recorded today is called “The Reverse.” And when we launched into that tune, I just started laughing.  I’ll be damned if the universe doesn’t have a sense of humor. 

Reader, here’s something I know for sure: bad shit is going to happen to us.  Sometimes, the world feels like it’s more bad than good. But today was a reminder that the world around us may deal a rotten hand, but we get to choose how we respond to it.

I read a Latin proverb this week that says, “If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.”  I loved it.  This week—when the world takes the wind from our sails—let’s row our own damn boat. I’ll see you next Monday. -Em

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