The Plunge

My cousins and I took the plunge into Lake Superior on Friday.  We've been doing this every Thanksgiving weekend for about 35 years. It doesn't get easier, but it's always refreshing when it's over.  Icy cold baths are supposedly good for your health.
My family likes to make the joke that jumping in the lake will make us live forever. But the truth is, we jump into the lake every year because we all know we won't live forever.   And we want to seize the day while we can.
Reader, I'm coming off Thanksgiving week feeling calm, and I owe it largely to the plunge. I lived to the fullest in that moment, and I feel joyful peace because of it.  If there are plunges you can take in your life this week, I recommend it.  Life is just too damn short not to live in the present and dive in.
See you next Monday. -Em

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