Green Bananas

This whole week was a metaphor in practicing patience.  Nothing I was hoping to accomplish got done on time. Both on the homefront and at work: when I was ready to finish a job, I was met with obstacles that made the job undoable.
And at the end of the week, one of my employees at the restaurant asked me to run out to get 4 ripe bananas.  Easy enough. Except when I showed up at the grocery store, every damn banana was green.
I laughed as I walked out.
Reader, there's a time to hustle, and there's a time to note that the bananas are too green.  If things aren't falling into place for you either, let's keep in mind the power of patience. We don't steer the whole world on our whims.  The whole world helps to steer us.
I'm gonna try to go with the flow this week (as if there's any other choice).  I hope you have a good one, and I'll see you Monday. -Em

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