Astral Week

On Monday, I set my alarm for 4:45 am.  The kids and I got up early and headed outside to watch the full moon lunar eclipse. We were tired. We were cold.  And we were more than a little afraid of the coyotes in the neighboring field. 

But we were happy.  It was spectacular.

It got me thinking a lot about routines.  As useful as they are, it's sometimes good to break them, especially in the interest of experiencing something like an eclipse.  Lately, I've been mired in music projects, as well as projects at the restaurant.  Looking up into the stars and actually watching the earth pass between the sun and the moon made me remember just how miniscule all of it is. 

Which gives me a lot of comfort. 

I was so inspired by watching the moon that I made a plan to do more sky gazing. This January--with no extra time or money on our hands--my husband and I booked a flight to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights.  It's been on my bucket list for years.  I can't believe that in less than 2 months, be at the top of the world watching nature's most spectacular light display. I'm excited.

Reader, whatever you're up against this week, don't forget to go outside and look up.  It's a great way to get clarity and perspective on just about anything.  Routines are made to be broken. I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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