From the recording Tins & Pins & Peppermints

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Exchanging Gifts

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You got the light. I got the smoke. You got the line. I got the joke.
It's easy, exchanging gifts.
You got the view. I got the glasses. You got the news, but I got the facts.
It's just easy, easy exchanging gifts.

I got pistachios. But I can't open those. It takes your fingers to dine.
You got the friend we'll meet. But you don't know his street. It takes my memory to find.

I got the drinks. You got the meal. I got the car, but you've got the wheel.
It's easy, exchanging gifts.
I got the words. You got the tune. I got the voice, but you've got the croon.
It's easy, exchanging gifts.

I got the mistletoe, but I can't kiss alone. You're the whole reason I came.
You got the Polaroid, but what can be enjoyed without us both in the frame?

I got the keys. You got the door. Your heart is mine, and mine is yours.
It's easy, exchanging gifts.