1. Let It Down

From the recording The Barefoot Session

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Let It Down

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Let it down. Let it down.
You can stand alone, sleep upon a stone, carry on your own,
And baby don’t you know I’m proud.
But the road is hard enough without givin up any of the stuff
That only means to cut you down.
So if you ever need anymore from me than my company,
You know I’m going to be around for you.

Would you, my dear, be so inclined to take the tear from your eye and

Let it down. Let it down.
You would be alright fightin your own fight spending every night
Walking without light through town.
Why you gotta prove what you’re goin through to the people who
Only mean to run you down? Don’t know what to say, but I’m gonna stay up until the day
All I do is hang a cloud above you.

Wouldn’t your heart feel some reprieve to take the guard that you have conceived and

Let it down. Let it down.
It’s hard for me to show you the days I’m low when it’s you who won’t
Ever get to know the ground. Don’t let me become yet another one of the people from
The group that tries to gun you down.
You gotta believe you got more from me than my company.
Baby, don’t you leave me now. Not when you

Could trust me instead. Tell me your cares. Or just come to bed, and I’ll take my hair.

And I’ll let it down. Let it down. Let it down. Let it down. Let it down. Let it down. For you.