1. Worry

From the recording The Barefoot Session

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Worry slipped into my coffee.
Worry followed me downstairs.
I worry, do you think about me
All the times that I’m not there?
When I darken your apartment door, do you want me around?
I used to be the tune you’d sing, but now you ain’t so proud.
Lord, it’s hard to look the other way when he’s layin down the clues,
Still I’ll take the day of worry before I spend the night with blues.

Worry knockin on my window.
Worry squeezin in the cracks.
I worry when you finally come home,
You never really do come back.
When I try to make you smile, you merely grin and walk away.
And maybe you’ve just got things to do, and baby, that’s ok.
But Lord it’s hard when he is makin love and it feels like he’s payin dues.
Still I’ll take the day of worry before I spend the night with blues.

Got worry on the high days, worry on the dry days, worry when the sun is out.
Got worry in the thunder, worry if you wonder what I worry about.
Feels like worry in the closet, worry in the faucet, worry on the kitchen shelf.
And I worry more that I worry more for you than for myself.

Worry, when will I not worry?
Worry will you let me fly?
I worry you are in no hurry
To let your lady know your mind.
When I move to try to move you, you just say you won’t me moved.
And there’s no point tryin to point you to my point that can’t be proved.
I ain’t never tied a string on you, there ain’t nothin to cut loose.
Don’t make me have to worry that I’ll spend the night with blues.
Maybe it’s all nothin, but if it’s nothin, tell me true
Before I take the day of worry and I spend the night with blues.