Week 2 of Quarantine: too hot out of the gate

This week, I tore down the posters for all the concerts & events that we missed hosting at my restaurant since the quarantine began, including what would have been a nice rosé wine dinner last Friday.  I downed a bottle in its honor. 

Then I got to work. 

I filed applications for every SBA loan our country is offering.  I applied for grants.  I helped my employees w/ their unemployment claims. I planned out family dinners. I made a daily home schooling schedule for my kids, including a big focus on literacy, math, and music.

(Full disclosure: my lesson plan has devolved into around-the-clock gym class. I'm rolling with it). 

I wrote and charted 4 new songs.  I watched the first non-kid movie that I've seen in months ("Inside Llewyn Davis" was a winner). I cleaned every room in the house. I organized the damn freezer. I taught the kids how to make bread, cookies, & play dough.

Amidst the flurry of initiative today, my son put his hand on my arm.  He asked to whisper in my ear.  So I put my head by his mouth and he said, "Hey Mom, could you slow down and hold us a little?"

And there it was.

Reader, there is such a thing as too much initiative. No sense burning out just yet.  We're going to be holed up for a few more weeks at least.  This isn't the Quarantine Olympics, and they aren't giving prizes when it's over. To all of you still working your jobs out there, thank you.  To all of you suddenly at home with a lot of free time on your hands, let's not forget to enjoy the opportunity to not be on our A-game every second of the day.

With that, this non-medalist is going to hold the kids a little.  See you next Monday. -Em


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