We Coulda Been Great, George

When I first started my journey with music, I wanted to write songs for other people to sing.  Specifically, old country dudes. I wanted to live in Nashville on music row.  I wanted to create in quiet rooms and pitch songs to George Strait (who would of course become my best friend and frequently invite me over for coffee and porch-sitting).  I'd make my buck on country hits and see the world.

Fast forward 20 years. I've written 19 albums worth of songs that no one else sings but me.  I had a long week doing contract recording, singing the songs that two dear friends wrote. And I spend most days locked to my restaurant, singing in the basement for a crowd of onions and potatoes.

It's not what I wanted.  But it's what happened.  And it's not so bad.

Reader, the older I get, the more it feels like "my way or the highway" is a sure-fire way to end up nowhere.  Starting out with a plan is good.  Letting the world move you where it needs you is better.

I wish you a week of having big, powerful dreams, and then being flexible when they move.  See you next Monday. -Em

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