I don't know if it's the longer days, the warmer weather, or just a phase of life, but I've got a wicked case of wanderlust. 

Which is a shame. Because my travel budget consists of a few bucks, a couple coins, and whatever marbles the kids have hidden in my pockets.

Still, my desire to see the world is tugging on my heart, and I can't ignore it.  I've been restless for the past few days, feeling like I've needed to shake up my life and breathe some new air.  I daydream about New Zealand, Bali, and the Canadian Rockies.  I nightdream about flying and sailing.   It's not that I'm not content.  And it's not that I need more out of life.

It's just...I'd like to step away for a little bit.

It wasn't until this past weekend that I realized: I don't need to backpack across New Zealand to truly step away.  Reader, I'm going to keep it short tonight. When wanderlust calls us to roam, we can heed that call without jetting off.  We can get lost in a book.  We can learn an instrument.  We can hike outside our stomping ground.  Hell, we can even just change the kind of food we eat.  Bottom line: there are ways to take a break from reality without physically leaving it (or spending a dime).

And that's killer news for a pauper like me.

And with that, this happy hobo is off to star gaze (the international space station is going to be visible from earth in 5 minutes, and I don't want to miss it).  See you next Monday. -Em

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