Veteran Rookie

When I was young, being inexperienced at everything was expected.  I didn't have the years under my belt to master anything.  Every kid starts out a rookie at everything.

When we get older, we're expected to be experienced.  We've been around for awhile, and we should know how to play the game.  In life, older people are considered veterans at the thing they've supposedly mastered.

Me? I am veteran rookie.  I am the master of being unqualified in my chosen field.

I've been totally out of my league for the majority of my life. I started making albums before I knew what "music production" meant.  I started charting for string quartets before I knew what an alto clef was.  I went to culinary school without so much as a paring knife to my name.  

Now I'm starting to build a restaurant without a lick of experience as a general contractor.  I've made more embarrassing mistakes this week than I care to admit.  But I think that's the secret to being able to try new things as an older person.

Admit that you have no idea what you're doing.  

Reader, I'm a little nervous most days.  I wake up with no idea how I'm going to tackle the problem in front of me.  But I found this week that the best way to get through it is to walk with my chin up and proudly announce my ineptitude to the world.  With very few exceptions, most people are willing to help me out.  There is no shame in asking for help with your projects and figuring things out as you go along.  We've all got to start somewhere.  The shame would be in not starting at all.

And with that, this old spring chicken is off to bumble her way through another week.  I leave you with this picture of my 21 month old son, my fellow rookie, bumbling his way merrily through his newfound love for soccer and sunglasses.  See you next Sunday. -Em 

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