Up The Ante

The kids and I catered a party this weekend.  They're 7 and 8.  When we came up with this idea, I honestly thought I'd be doing the brunt of it.  But I didn't. They both worked long hours prepping and cooking.  They made pesto.  They bought groceries. They made and assembled cheesecake. They even burned themselves flipping sandwiches on a flattop. And then they got paid a lot of money (for kids), and were proud of themselves.

And they surprised the hell out of me.

Reader, sometimes I forget how good it is for our souls to up the ante in life.  Extra challenges and risk can bring about extra joy.  The kids learned that lesson in spades this weekend, and it was inspiring for me too.  It made me want to work even harder.  

Wishing us all a great week ahead, full of challenges that will bring us deep feelings of pride and happiness when we meet them head on.  See you next Monday. -Em


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