The Sloth and The Bull

Bronchitis feels like it's here to stay. I'm on week three, and I still haven't recovered.  The doctor told me this week that I really need a few days of bedrest and fluids.  

I laughed.  Raucously.

Since I entered adulthood, I've become the sort of person that pushes through hard times.  I get though pain like a bull stampeding through the streets Spain. I put my head down, see red, and move full-steam ahead.  No rest for this bull.

There's only one problem with this approach:

It doesn't work on bronchitis. 

Nor does it work in several other real-life scenarios.  If this sickness has taught me anything, it's that bulldozing doesn't work for every job.  In life, different challenges require us to respond accordingly. Raising kids requires the creative thinking, follow-through, and ingenuity of a coyote. Building a restaurant takes the planning, resourcefulness, and work ethic of a beaver.

And apparently, overcoming illness takes the slow-speed and laziness of a sloth.

Reader, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with charging forward. I'm just sharing a little reminder: sometimes, it pays to be the bull, and sometimes, it pays to be the sloth.  The world may judge which approach you take, but ultimately, we all have to decide the one that works best for our particular situation.  If you've got an obstacle that isn't being met with your go-to approach, dare to switch it up.  

And now this sloth is off to drink some tea and get some bedrest. See you next Sunday. -Em


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