The Real McCoy

This week’s big-time sappy blog is brought to you by a series of seriously heartwarming events. 

First, I’m coming off the high from another great Kickstarter Dinner House Concert.  Last night, I played for the friends and family of Bobbie Thorne.  (Bobbie has been backing me in all sorts of ways for years, and it’s no surprise that she went out of her way to back me when I ran my Kickstarter campaign last year.) I tell you what: when a crowd is so open and genuine, they feel less like strangers and more like folks who have all known each other for years. It was a grand night. 

Second, I took a day off on Monday to see some old friends from Chicago.  It’s been 5 years since we last got together, and we only had two hours to catch up, so we dug in as fast as we could and got right down to brass tacks: love, life, passions, fears, heartaches, and personal triumphs.  When you can be completely yourself in a group and ask the important questions, that’s when you connect in the biggest, best, and lasting ways. 

Finally, my son turned 1 on Thursday.  We had his grandparents over to the house for Reubens. There were no balloons, no streamers, no big production of any kind. I baked a small cake that he smashed in his face and then smashed all over the floor. Nobody rushed to pick up the mess; I think we let the dog take care of it.  We just sat around the table, covered in frosting and crumbs, and chatted the night away.  Because when you let things be just as they are, that’s when the greatest times are had. 

It dawns on me that all of these moments of pure joy came from getting real with people, which in turn makes me realize how many meaningless interactions I have most weeks. 

And so I’m going to make a Midsummer resolution: get real with people faster.  There’s just no point at all in not being genuine. We’re here for such a short time…best be as true as possible with the precious time.  

So I’m off to get authentic with my family tonight.  It won’t be the flashiest or the loveliest or the craziest of nights, but damnit: it will be real.  I wish you an authentic week as well, Reader.  See you next week. -Em

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