The Point

There was a shooting at my old high school this week.  It rocked our community. So many people—myself included—were scared and upset. 

As we all tried to talk about it one night, what struck me most was how much anger and ego were brought into the conversation. Everyone wanted to place blame. And at the end of the discussion, there was no deep understanding of each other. There was no plan of action. There wasn’t even unified sympathy. 

There was only righteous indignation. 

Historically, I’ve been just as guilty as anyone when it comes to trying to get my point across at all costs. But something happened last week. 

I realized that a bunch of people trying to get their points across get very little accomplished. 

Reader, it’s sad to me all that we humans have lost since the advent of social media. I feel like we’ve elected to abandon the art of sitting at a table for the hours required to actually listen and make progress on a topic. So often these days, people make quick jabs, and then move on. 

I’m on a mission this year to talk a bit less, and listen a lot more. I don’t think I want to live in a world where my desire for being right outweighs my desire to do the most good. Sometimes, the point of discussion is not to make one. 

With that, I’m off to take a cold walk and clear my head. I’m up north, and it’s a beautiful night for observing. I’ll see you next Monday. 


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