The Long Haul

In the past month, my friend died, my car died, my dog died, and my restaurant shut down again due to an employee with confirmed COVID-19.  

Life is playing out like a mediocre country song. 

And years ago, these would have felt like the end times. Not just because of the hardship of the losses, but also because of how long I knew it would take to feel better. Something about being young makes waiting very hard.  I'm reminded of this fact a lot lately because I'm a mom of young kids, kids who don't even want to take a car ride longer than 15 minutes because "it'll take forever."

What newbies.

My kids would literally rather not start than have to wait for a result. But getting older changes things.  I'm fully aware that the things I begin will take years to come to fruition.  But that sure as hell doesn't stop me from starting.  It took me weeks to build outdoor seating at my restaurant. It took me months to write the songs on my upcoming record.  It took me years to renovate my building, and it will take me decades to raise my kids into adulthood.  

And isn't it so sweet when something that takes that long finally comes to pass?

Reader, it all takes time, and it's all so hard, but it's all so worth it, and it's all worth starting.  Case in point: two years ago, I was given a couple of avocados to eat while working on my construction site. On a lark, I decided to throw the pits in a cup of water.  To my surprise, they sprouted.  I almost threw them out, knowing I wouldn't have the patience to nurture them.  But then I just started making it a daily practice to refill the glasses of water.  Then I put the sprouts in a little soil.  Then I put them in a little more soil. Today, I just noticed that my avocado plants are taller than I am.  I'm guessing it will take several more years before they actually grow avocados, but with 2 years of waiting and nurturing under my belt, what's a few more?

And now this patient lady is off to bed. As tough as things are, I actually had a tremendous act of kindness happen to me this week, and I'm full of gratitude for my present circumstances.  I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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