The Hungrier I Become

Reader, I thought I would have a baby by now.  But Hurd Jr is apparently pretty comfy in there, and so I continue to wait.  

The Kickstarter’s campaign momentum is slowing down a bit. We currently have 465 backers and are 57% funded.  We have a long way to go. 

I can’t believe what I’m doing with my time lately. Last week, I launched a “Save The Norwegian” campaign, where we had as many people as possible get their picture taken in a wooden Viking ship that we literally built in an evening.  This week, I launched a “Brake For Cake” campaign, where I offered to make any local business a custom dessert for their employees in exchange for their agreeing to pass out flyers for me.  I’ve been baking my brains out all weekend.  

I ask myself: what the heck am I doing???? 

And then comes my swift reply: anything I possibly can.  

It occurs to me that for the very first time in my entire life, I’m operating out of sheer hunger for this project to work. I’m trying everything. I’m trying ANYTHING. There is nothing I won’t do to make this project succeed.  

And the more people who support me, the hungrier I become. 

Friends, if you haven’t already, please help me share this Kickstarter link. I have just 18 days left, and I promise to use every ounce of energy I have left to make it to the goal. I want this to happen so badly.  I believe in the importance of the campaign. I know it will be good for the community.  Please share share share this link!  

Have a wonderful week, and unless the baby comes, I’ll see you back here next Sunday. -Em

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