That Will To Divest

Happy Mother's Day, Reader.  I spend most of the day scraping tar at my building.  My hands are so sore I can hardly type.  So instead of the usual blog where I share my thoughts, I've decided to share someone else's thoughts.  This inspirational poem by Kay Ryan was introduced to me by my very good friend Shiow.  It sums up my week better than I possibly could.  See you next Sunday. -Em 


Action creates 
a taste 
for itself. 
Meaning: once 
you've swept  
the shelves 
of spoons  
and plates 
you kept 
for guests, 
it gets harder 
not to also  
simplify the larder, 
not to dismiss  
rooms, not to  
divest yourself 
of all the chairs 
but one, not 
to test what 
singleness can bear, 
once you've begun.

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