Last night's show was nice.  The guys played well, the audience was warm, and we just missed the rain.  I felt energized as I drove home last night. 

What I'll remember most about the gig is that my son spent the entire 2 hours of the performance in a tree, swinging his legs and enjoying himself.  Which is profound to me, since my son claims to hate music.  He doesn't like piano lessons, and he REALLY doesn't like people singing around him.  I feel bad when he winds up at my concerts because I've always thought he was miserable at them. 

Turns out, he just needed to watch them on his terms. 

Reader, my kids teach me lessons each week, and this one was no exception.  Yesterday, I learned about the value of truly understanding ourselves, about what conditions make us comfortable and happy.  I keep thinking about all the things I've written off--everything from Nascar to opera--that I feel like I don't enjoy, but perhaps just haven't experienced in a way that works for me yet. Maybe the world has more to offer me, if I can take it in from my own damn tree.

With that, this slightly more open-minded lady is off to spend a little time with my 6 year-old teacher.  I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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