Take It All Home

Man, some weeks are just perfect on the home front. This was one of them. I wrote several songs, cooked up a storm, spent some time with friends, took my kids to a county fair, and even got to walk my dog a bit.  My restaurant had a few hiccups, but nothing we couldn't handle.  My husband and I even got to enjoy a bourbon together.


On the world front, this week was terrifying.  In one day, our country had two mass shootings, and the NRA is still trying to protect Second Amendment rights over the lives of citizens. The city of Hong Kong has plunged into epic chaos. Thousands of human and animals are dying daily across Africa due to weather catastrophes brought about by climate change, change that half of our country still disavows as a true occurrence. 


As a person who takes everything home with her, I try to keep the two worlds separate.  Every day it gets harder.  It wasn't until this weekend that I made a conscious decision:

I'm not separating the two anymore.

On Sunday, I told my kids how sad I was about the state of the world.  I let them feel sad about it, too.  We talked.  A lot.  We made plans for how we could make things a little better.  We picked up trash outside our restaurant for a bit.  We spent time talking to neighbors. Then we went out for ice cream.  And even though it didn't make any big change, it felt better to have let the outside world into our home, and then to have let pieces of our home into the outside world.

Reader, worlds bleed into each other.  And that's ok.  There's no hiding one from the other.  And why should we?  Sometimes the best way to influence the big world is through small changes at home. 

I'm off to spend a little more time with my kids. Maybe some goodness on the home front will seep into the world at large.  I'll see you next Monday. -Em


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