Spring Training

Back in 2001, I was working full-time as a pastry chef in Cotuit, Massachusetts.  It was a rowdy kitchen, and I picked up a lot of colorful language.  When I came back home to Rockford one Christmas, my parents took notice. 

“Why all the cursing these days?” they asked. 

“Why the $*%# not?!” I replied. 

Without really knowing it, I had been training my brain to cuss.  Everyone else was doing it.  So I gave it a whirl.  Then I kept at it.  And then it became commonplace. That’s how training works. 

This week, I got to thinking: what am I training myself for right now? 

It’s a strange question.  Every single moment in life is an opportunity to lay groundwork for the kind of habits that will eventually become commonplace.  Just like any training regimen for our body, we train behavioral patterns; I see it first hand watching my 8 month-old son every day. 

I won’t go into my own self-analysis, but sufficed to say, I decided to make a few intentional changes, which will include using more optimistic words, slowing down around the house and work place, and eating more salad.  

My end goal? To train myself to be so very happy with the person I’ve become that I won’t feel the need to become a product of my $*%#ing environment. 

Reader, whatever habits you’re laying down right now, I hope they’re ones that inspire, delight, and bring comfort.  I’m off to spend a little quality time with my family, and also eat salad.  See you next Sunday.  -Em

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