Something To Write About

My family and I went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Thanksgiving. It was nice to get out of town.  But I felt frustrated to be away from the piano for so long.  I'm recording a live album a week from today, and I was hoping for more time to finish up a few tunes. 

But I thought, no sense being a damned party pooper. So I enjoyed myself.  We made a couple bonfires. We went to Lake Superior, and a few of us jumped in. We built a snowman, complete with a carrot nose and a carrot ding-a-ling. We played card games.  We cooked and laughed and hiked up mountains and sledded down them. 

And when I came back home to finish up the tunes, it was easy.  Because I had something to write about. 

Reader, I'm an advocate for working hard, especially when it comes to writing.  But sometimes I forget the importance of living life.  If you too are the creative sort, let's not forget to actually experience the life we're trying to capture. No sense toiling away and missing out on the best parts of it all.  I'll see you next Monday. -Em


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