Shine Kid Shine

Happy Father's Day, folks.  I hope you're having a nice Sunday.  This has been a busy week.  Six days into the Kickstarter, and this project is already 17% funded.  I feel overwhelmed by the generosity of both friends and strangers alike. It's astounding. All I can say is: thank you from the bottom of my happy, pregnant heart.  

In new album land, the live recording session for Shine Kid Shine was sensational.  John Abbey, Gerald Dowd, Gregg Ostrom, Steve Dawson and I recorded 10 songs in 5 hours at King Size Sound Labs in Chicago.  I am convinced there is no finer way to make an album.  We all sat in the same room where we could look each other in the eyes.  This "live show" feel translates so well into the album, and I absolutely cannot wait for you to hear it. 

Tomorrow, I begin teaching a songwriting program up in Madison for the entire week, and then I'll be mixing/mastering Shine Kid Shine until the baby comes. My dear Reader, in light of the Charleston tragedy and other troubles in this world, I am still convinced that the world is indeed a wonderful place.  I hope you're having a sensational summer.  xo Em

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