Saints Need Sinners

Seven years ago today, I was living in Denver, Colorado.  I remember waking up and getting a cup of coffee at Dazbog, then taking a drive up into the mountains for a little solo spring skiing on Easter Sunday.  On the way, I tuned in to the weekly Alan Watts podcast on the radio.  Alan Watts was an English philosopher and writer that could turn phrases brilliantly and simply.  This man loved nature and observing life, and his words always resonated with me.  

Last night, I dreamt about Alan Watts for the first time in years.  I got goosebumps when I woke up this morning.  It's uncanny that he resurfaced on another Easter Sunday.  There are a lot of Alan Watts quotes that have stuck in my mind through the years, but the one that came to me in my sleep last night was this:

Saints need sinners.

It's beautifully put. And it couldn't have resurfaced at a better time.

Essentially, a person is not truly good until they prove their goodness in the face of something cruel.  A person is not a hero until they have overcome peril. A person is not brave until they best their fears.  

And a person isn't strong until they are tough through the hardest times.
Here's why this is incredible, Reader.  I've been praying for strength ever since my daughter was born.  And all I've gotten is cruel, perilous, terrifyingly hard times. But what is all of that giving me?

Strength. I'm getting exactly what I need. Wonders never cease.

Thank you, God/Universe/Alan Watts for this revelation, and thank you Reader for checking in on me.  See you next Sunday. -Em


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