About 7 years ago, I was low on confidence and a little lost.  My music career wasn’t generating any money, and I couldn’t get a good album review if I paid for it.  I had a friend at the time offer up some interesting professional advice.  I’ll never forget it: 

“Just reinvent yourself,” he said.  “Become somebody totally new.” 

Needless to say…that friend and I are no longer friends. 

Worst advice ever!  Truly, is there any finer quality than being completely yourself, than standing up to the masses and firmly owning your idiosyncrasies at the risk of ostracism and overall unpopularity?  I think not. 

I was reminded of this today after playing a benefit show in Rockford.  The group that played before me had a band member that stole the show by taking an incredible panpipe solo.  It was so quirky.  So unique.  So perfect.  (And also, so much like Ron Burgundy's 'jazz flute' solo in Anchor Man that I nearly burst into fits). 

The moral? There is no need to become somebody totally new. The best we can aspire to be in this lifetime is the very best version of who we already are…and then hopefully have the courage to share that version with the rest of the world. 

And with that, I’m going to eat another spoonful of coconut milk before I slow-dance my 3 month-old to sleep by singing pre-season Christmas carols.  Hooray for quirk!  Reader, I hope you too are being your very best you.  See you next Sunday. -Em

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