Oh Reader. It’s gorgeous around the house right now.  Fall is falling everywhere.  Acorns, walnuts, leaves, you name it.  If it’s up, it’s coming down, and it’s every color in the crayon box.  Here in the woods, it’s truly raining autumn. 

This week, I had my first band rehearsal since the baby was born.  I was rusty, but not too bad.   Playing with the guys felt incredible, as always.  And so my main take-away from this week is how good it is to share music. 

Now I’ve always had a very private relationship with music.  Music and I have had a top secret tryst-like thing going for about two decades now.  When I first started out, I thought if I shared my songs with other people, I’d open myself up for criticism.  I figured that my relationship with music would be somehow less special, that it was too personal to release into the world.  I thought the world might somehow corrupt it. 

But I can say with certainty that having an open relationship with music has made music even more special to me.   Sharing the experience of writing, rehearsing, and performing has made my old monogamous relationship with music seem almost shallow.  Today, I’m a better person for having opened up.  I’ve become a good listener.  I’ve learned to trust.  I’ve been pushed to get better at what I do.  I’m holding myself accountable.  And any criticism is actually making my relationship with music stronger.  

And on that positive note, I’m off to bed here on this ridiculously beautiful and cold October night.  I hope you have a great week, Reader.  See you next Sunday.  -Em 

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