Perfecting Imbalance

For Thanksgiving, our little family headed up North to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a few days.  We enjoyed a lot of snow, family time, and polar plunging into Lake Superior.  It was nice to be off-grid, and I couldn't have been happier.

Except I spent most of the time missing my restaurant back home.

When our small vacation was over, we began driving home. In the car, I started getting back to work.  It felt great to be plugged in again, answering emails and coordinating events.  

Except I was instantly missing quality time with my kids.

When I got back to work on Saturday night, I was so euphoric.  Being in the restaurant and catching up with my co-workers felt invigorating.  I loved being brought up to speed, and the buzz of the place energized me.

Except I couldn't help but miss the tranquility of the Northwoods.

Reader, the longer I live, the more I realize: balance is not something we attain.  It's just something we work towards. We will not be able to have it all the way we want it.  I'll never have enough time for my kids, my songwriting, my restaurant, or my desire to be outside. But once we make a choice to spend energy in one facet of our lives, it's a waste of the present to wonder what would have happened if we had spent it elsewhere.  

With that, this imbalanced songwriter is off to bed.  I'm on a mission this week to perfect the art of living a life that isn't balanced, one where I may not be devoting as much time as I like to the things I love, but I sure as hell will love those things while I'm with them.  See you next Monday. -Em


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