Mama Loves Wine

Maternity leave is officially over….and I am officially zapped. 

So I’m a woman who operates on will power.  When I’m down, I will my mind to think positively.  When I’m rejected, I will back my self-confidence.  But I’ve learned that—when it comes to being a mother—you need more than just a strong will... 

You need wine.  Ample quantities of wine.  

Also?  Humor. I’m only 5 weeks into this, and I can say with certainty that the most useful tool that I have in my emotional arsenal right now is the ability to laugh. Without it, I’d be lost. 

My boy has already peed in my eyes, pooped in my hands, and cried me into countless migraines.  I’ve had to leave every songwriting and restaurant-planning session to change his diapers. Also, my dog Hank doesn’t seem to understand why I’ve brought this small, bald, attention-stealing pet into our home, and he too cries me into countless migraines. 

Yup.  Laughter is how I’m holding it together these days, Reader.  I’ll be keeping up my regular Sunday night reflections, but I can’t guarantee that I won’t be a little loopy for the next few months while I try to figure out my life’s new rhythm (or lack thereof).  The sleeplessness…it’s a doozie. 

But I can say this: I’m looking so forward to getting back to work on restaurant planning and booking shows for the upcoming season.  Despite the newest addition to my family, I haven’t lost my drive to write music and start my hometown business.  I’ll keep you posted.  I hope you enjoyed the last few weeks of summer.  Me? I can’t wait for fall. -Em

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