Make Things While You Get Destroyed

Lately, my life feels like the running of the bulls.

And I am the streets of Pamplona.

I can't remember ever feeling so trampled.  I'm struggling to keep up with everything that hits me.  Running a restaurant, running a venue, and running kids all over the place is running me ragged. There is a temptation at the end of the day to collapse on the couch in front of a screen and turn off my brain.

I'm resisting it.

Reader, when we are getting annihilated, I'm convinced there is nothing better for our hearts and our minds than to make things. Make music.  Make food.  Make art.  Make anything. Creating while I'm getting destroyed helps me process the destruction.  I've been amazed to see what comes out of my fingers on the tough days.  The art I paint helps me understand how the tough day looks.  The songs I write help me understand how the tough day sounds. 

(And I'd say that the food I make helps me understand how the tough day tastes, but actually, the food tastes more like rebellion and usually winds up damned sugary).

With that, this maker is off to fight the havoc by playing a little ukulele.  As long as I'm alive and able to produce new things, I feel pretty capable to handle the trampling. I'll leave you with this picture of some cakes I made this week: take that, bullish days. 

See you next Monday. -Em

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