I've spent the last month looking for kitchen staff for my restaurant.  It's been a trying search. We haven't found a good fit yet. I'd all but given up hope. Then this past Friday, a chef walked in the door.  He's an eerily perfect fit for us.  And for the first time in weeks, I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  


I've been thinking a lot about this chef the last week.  He's fun-loving and grounded. Confident and humble.  Eager and sensible.  Passionate and reserved.  Most interestingly, he's into the same kind of cooking and shares a common worldview. So how did such a kindred spirit amble into our corner of the world?  I can only come up with one answer. 


Reader, the longer I live, the more I believe in the power of attraction.  We put out into the world what we are, and the right people find us.  If you too are finding yourself looking for kindred spirits, probably the best way to find them is to get in touch with who you really are. Embrace you, quirks and all.  The more you put your true self into the universe, the more likely it will resonate with the same weirdos as you. 

I leave you with this picture of my son, who has no problem being himself.  May we all know ourselves as fully as a 5 year-old Spiderman worshipper enjoying blue ice cream and singing the Banana Boat Song.  Have a great week, and I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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