Worth It

For the past 2 months--in addition to writing songs and raising kids--my husband and I have been working on adding components to our restaurant's annual outdoor winter Snømarket.  Our garage has become a fully operational woodshop.  This year, we built an elevated G-scale train trestle, a giant thatched smoking A-frame hut, and 150 individual A-frame huts that function as incense burners. 

We're tired. But proud. 

Snømarket is over, and I'm reflecting on it all.  We made some money, but definitely not hand-over-fist.  A lot of people came out, but it was still a largely unrecognized event. And it definitely took a lot of time away from the kids.  At the close of the market last night, someone asked me, "Well, was it worth it?" 

I had to pause to think about it. 

What makes something worth doing? If there's no money or fame in it, and it takes time away from what you love most, should you do it?   

I think it depends.   But in this case, it was worth doing, a hundred times over. 

Reader, money goes. Fame dies. Time flies. But the experience of creating something from the heart and putting it out in the world is a priceless exercise, and I'm so grateful to be alive and able to do it.  Whatever you're up to this week, I hope it gives you satisfaction and pride.  And if you came to our market, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.   

See you next Monday, 


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