The Kid Took The Piano

All I wanted to do tonight is get a little time at the piano. I had some rage to get off my chest. 

But someone smaller took my place. 

I waited relatively patiently for my 5 year-old to finish playing.  But she never did.  She's been playing for well over 30 minutes now, so I'm just writing a blog instead.  And I'm keeping it short tonight, because something tells me I'm supposed to write down lyrics about her taking over my instrument. 

Reader, plans changes. We don't usually get what we hoped for.  Especially as a parent. But sometimes we get something better.  And I know this to be true, because--instead of getting rage off my chest--I'm off to write a tune of gratitude about my littlest roommate tonight. 

Wishing you a good week ahead, one full of solid plans, and then solid acceptance when you have to let them go.  See you next Monday. -Em

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