Girls on Fire

I met dozens of strangers this week.  Staring at each of their faces, I thought I was looking into a mirror.

For the past few days, we held "open hiring" at my restaurant in Rockford.  I was in awe of the sheer…

The Others

I have a very hard time reflecting on my little life when the world at large feels so very troubled.  The hate crimes in our world this week have rattled me to my bones. 

How on earth--in 75 years--did our…

Giving Up Time Travel

I was supposed to play a show in Chicago tonight with Tommi Zender, but we cancelled it.  Even though the never-ending bronchitis is finally on its way out, I still didn't think anyone would enjoy hearing me cough my way through my catalogue.  

Myself included. 

The Sloth and The Bull

Bronchitis feels like it's here to stay. I'm on week three, and I still haven't recovered.  The doctor told me this week that I really need a few days of bedrest and fluids.  

I laughed.  Raucously.

Since I entered…


Counter attack

No blog tonight. I had bronchitis last week and—even after a round of antibiotics—my lungs are killing me. More from me  once I fight off this bug. -Em

Attack of the Little Things

I'm laid-up sick tonight.  I haven't had a chest cold this bad in years.  Germs, man.  Amazing how something so small can take down something so big.

It's humbling.

Likewise, at work this week, a series of tiny…


Everyday this week, I was caught with an egg on my face.

You name it, I wrecked it.  At the building, I dealt with my own electrical load miscalculations, health department protocol breaks, and hood ansul system backtracks.  In the…


Pajama Party

No blog tonight; I worked all weekend and am taking the night to have a pajama party with my kids. See you next Sunday. -Em

Death of a Salesman Hater

A salesman surprised me this week.  

Before I started the restaurant, I didn't fully understand the world of sales.  I taught and wrote music, and I didn't need much help to accomplish those tasks.  Aside from the occasional call…


An old friend of mine recently passed away. Before he died, he told me the best way to be happy is to be grateful.  He explained that it’s damn near impossible to be filled with anger when you’re filled with thankfulness. 

Try Anyway

My restaurant is so close to being open, I can almost taste the lefse.

These are exciting times for me.  I've been running for 3 years now.  I've hit every obstacle.  But the finish line is there. And even though…

Parting Ways with Facebook

I parted ways with my personal Facebook account this week.  It's been a tumultuous relationship from the start, but I finally decided it was time to call it quits.

Which is odd, because I was having a great week. The floors in…