The Boxer & The Punching Bag

This week, I lost my temper with my kids.  I raised my voice.  I hurt their feelings.  But the lowest moment?

Telling them Santa Claus wasn't coming next year.

That's right.  I swore I'd never become 'that kind'…

Wanting What You've Got

My daughter turned 2 this weekend.  Today, I'm turning 39.  My husband asked us both what we wanted for our respective birthdays. My daughter asked for more toys, wrapped in pretty paper.  Me?  

I just want time.


Permission to Get High

Without me asking them, Prairie Street Brewing Company brewed a beer for my restaurant.  Which is hands down the coolest thing that has happened to me in a long time. It's a juniper beer called Einer Øl, and we're releasing…

Enter Smørrebrød

Every day for the past month has felt like Groundhog Day.  

I wake up at 4:30 am, try not to rouse the kids. Throw on my least dirty clothes, brush my teeth in between sips of coffee, then I…

On Becoming June Cleaver

After work last night, I had good intentions of sitting down to write a blog.  But then a few of my employees asked me to join them for a beer, and the idea of drinking outweighed the idea of writing.

Jazz Dream Come True

Today, one of my lifelong dreams came true. 

Jazz brunch happened at my restaurant.

I walked out of the kitchen at 10 am to a room full of diners listening to the sweet sounds of the Joel Baer…

Letting Others Step Up

Sunday night blog turned into Monday night blog this week.  These things happen. 

Anyhow, as I sit down to type on this New Year’s Eve, my usual state of reflection has been replaced with anticipation.  I’ve done more this…


She lives

Well Reader, it's been a hectic month, and I'm finally back.  Over the past 28 days, I've opened a restaurant, lost 6 employees, been the victim of a hit-and-run, released a new album, and come down with the worst stomach…


I just got home from Minneapolis.  My pastry chef-Hailey-and I drove to Norway House for a private lesson on how to make traditional Norwegian lefse, a flatbread that will be a staple on my restaurant menu. It took a little…

Selling Yourself

A close friend recently told me, "No matter what job you do, you're in sales."  

I tend to agree.  

As a musician, I sell my art and my performances.  As a general contractor, I sell my ideas and…

Girls on Fire

I met dozens of strangers this week.  Staring at each of their faces, I thought I was looking into a mirror.

For the past few days, we held "open hiring" at my restaurant in Rockford.  I was in awe…