The Bass Is Rotten

It was a unique week.  And it's only now as I type, wreaking of putrid fish guts, that I understand the moral.

When I got to my restaurant today, I went to the walk-in cooler to check on things after…

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Show Tomorrow!

I'm keeping it short tonight.  I've got a show tomorrow night at Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, and I've got to get a little practice in.  If you're in town, stop by at 5:45!  Also on the bill are the…

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My dad could recite dirty limericks. It used to embarrass me when I was a kid. Now I think it's pretty cool. 

I hadn't thought of that in awhile, but then this week out of the blue, I stumbled upon…

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Happy Memorial Day

No blog tonight.  I'm spending some much needed time with friends and family.  Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, and I'll see you next Monday. -Em

Nature Doesn't Judge

The kids and I planted a garden this week.  Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, brussels sprouts, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, and herbs are underway. Connecting our family to the land has been the unplanned theme of 2023.  I’m loving every minute.  When time…

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Boss Brain

I think too much. The mind is a bastard.

I even think too much about thinking too much.  The chatter in my head has been louder than usual these days. On Friday morning, it was deafening.  I could barely focus…

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Calm In Storms

Unpopular opinion: calamity provides focus.  At least for me.

I thought I was having bad week. We're having problems at the restaurant, and I've been anxious.  Then late last night, I got a call from a friend: the daycare center… Read more

Change of Scenery

Most Sunday mornings, my little family gets up and drinks coffee, listens to the records, and plans out our day in the kitchen.  This Sunday morning was just about the same, except we did all of it in an unfinished… Read more

To The Bat Cave

For the past several weeks, I've been on a mission to clear out the attic space above our garage.  Most of the stuff up there hasn't moved in 30 years.  I poured through memorabilia of great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and…

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When Life Gives You Walnut...

Man, did I ever need last night’s show in Chicago.  What a great crowd of listeners. It was an honor to play with Emily White and Jared Rabin and to see so many familiar faces. After the week I had…

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Show This Sunday

No blog tonight: I'm practicing for a show at Golden Dagger. If you're free and in Chicago on Sunday night, I'll be opening the album release show for my friend Emily White, and I'd love to see you.  Tickets are…

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Tag Books

I just bought a few books from a used book store, and I've been tearing through them. I usually read with a pen in my teeth, so I can underline the parts I like.  I also like to write in…

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