Don't Wait To Be Happy

I've started a new kind of writing project with a friend of mine. We spent the weekend brainstorming (and also drinking a new concoction we invented: gin, ginger beer, and carrot juice.  I highly recommend it).  Writing with her was…

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Guilt Begone

It’s taken the majority of my life, but I’ve come to the revelation that nothing good in life comes from being hard on ourselves.  Literally nothing. 

This week, I failed at everything I tried to accomplish when I was putting…

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The Dining Room of Life

I was up early on Wednesday morning.  I had a lot to do to get ready for my birthday open mic at the restaurant, including baking myself a cake.  As I was walking through the dining room with a bowl…

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Repurpose Yourself

Yesterday was my birthday, and it also happened to be the Grammys. I pulled out my high school prom dress and called a few girlfriends (who also pulled out their prom dresses), and we got together in my basement and…

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Use The Good Plates & Shake Your Knockers

This week, we have a lot of birthdays in my family, including my Grandma Ruth’s. She lived to be 96, and she had an incredible sense of humor.  I learned a lot from her. She was classy and refined; we…

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The Ingrid Effect

For the first time in my life, I’m throwing myself a birthday party.  Because life is short.

And you’re invited to it. It’s happening at my restaurant—The Norwegian—on February 7th from 6 pm to 9 pm.  It’ll take place…

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Give Yourself Space From Your Creations

Tonight, there’s a -35 wind chill in Rockford, Illinois.  If you live in this region, I hope you’re safe and warm. 

I played my first show of 2024 yesterday at Anderson Gardens.  It was -9 outside, and I wasn’t looking…

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Train Rides

Our family got back Sunday from a train trip to Glenwood Springs.  Taking the Amtrak was a breathtaking way to see the Rockies, and as nice as it was to get to where we were heading, my favorite part of…

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Raise Your Hand

Happy New Year, Reader! It was a bumpy finish, but I made it through 2023.  If you’re reading this, then you made it through, too.  Cheers to all of us for persisting and living to see another year begin.


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War And Peace

My restaurant’s Snømarket is OVER.  It was our hardest one yet.  I spent all weekend buying, skinning, and curing salmon. After a late night breaking down a hundred pounds of it, I woke up on Saturday with fish scales in…

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The Creativity Cup

I spent the weekend getting our winter market set up at my restaurant.  If you’re free and live in the area, please stop by.  All the details are on the homepage of the website:

With all the work…

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The Return Of The Passion

Last night, with a million other things to do, I drove to Chicago to record some of the songs I've written this year.  I met my old friend John Abbey for a down and dirty recording session, just me and…

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