Panic Pony

The universe continues to amaze me, even while I shake my fist at it. 

Financial pressure builds at my restaurant.  My first instinct is still to run away from it all, but I've been staying true to my decision to…

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No Power

We lost power in last night's storms, and I'm going to write lyrics by candlelight instead of trying to type a blog on my phone.  It's nice when Mother Nature reminds us who's boss and forces us out of routines…

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The Big Chill

Nothing changed this week; life is still harder than it's ever been. 

But I changed my attitude. And I tried to find joyful moments in the midst of it all.  My kitchen staff and I got our butts kicked this…

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I admire firefighters.  Anyone who can run towards an inferno while everything in their body is telling them to run away is an inspiration. 

This week, I tried to channel my inner firefighter. 

It was a bad week at my…

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Giving Practicality A Rest

The more I find out about the world, the more cynical I become.  It's hard for me to relish in things the way I used to.  Don't get me wrong...I want to.  It's just hard for me as a practical…

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After my concert on Saturday night, a woman in the audience walked over and said, "This is the first live music I've heard since Covid hit.  I didn't realize what an empty space it left in my heart until you…

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Head Clearing

Well. I'm barely hanging on this week.  No blog tonight. I'm off to take a walk into the sunset and try to clear my head.  See you next Monday.  -Em

Start Small

It was a heavy week to be a woman last week.  It was even harder being the mother of a daughter with a rare syndrome. If my kid has a child one day, that child has a 25% chance of…

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Tell It Like It Is

I was recently asked to give a speech to local high school students.  The kids are apparently in summer school, taking a business course.  I was supposed to talk to them about the challenges of being an entrepreneur. So I…

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No One's Coming

For me, one of the hardest parts of growing up was realizing that no one is coming to help you anymore.  Your dirty bathroom? Your job. Your broken windshield wiper? Your job?  Your broken heart? Your job.  Yelling for Mom…

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Last night's show was nice.  The guys played well, the audience was warm, and we just missed the rain.  I felt energized as I drove home last night. 

What I'll remember most about the gig is that my son spent…

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Love That Kid

I'm not sure if it's just because I can finally smell again, but this week was pretty great.  I worked hard, spent time with my family, and made time to write music. Also, I just today found out that headbands…

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