Thirsty Souls

What a gorgeous day.  

I spent the bulk of it working to get my restaurant ready to reopen next week, but I managed to squeeze in an hour or two with my kids.  We hunted for Easter eggs and played hide and seek, and for a moment, the world felt really perfect. I was on a high all afternoon.

Reflecting on it tonight, I can see that the perfect feeling came from how damned hard this past week has been.  I've been exhausted and spiritually run down. In the same way that a cold glass of water tastes better the thirstier I am, this day sated me in a way I can't really put into words.  

But my soul sure must have been really, really thirsty.

Reader, just a reminder: we are hungry beings, and not just for food and water.  Nourishment takes so many forms, and today--weird as it sounds--my soul got its fix from an Easter egg hunt.  If you notice yourself feeling depleted this week, ask yourself what you need, and then go after it.  It's important to work up a mental thirst, but then it's important to replenish.  I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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