Snowflakes with Backbones

Sunday night blog is Monday afternoon blog this week.  Even though our little family is going broke on Flintstones vitamins and healthy foods, everybody is still sick, and I hand to tend to that yesterday.  BLEH.

But in less than bleh news, I'VE GOT A NEW ALBUM OUT!  It's a deceptive record called Backbone.  Sonically, it feels "pretty."  Content wise, it's anything but.  This collection is largely about muscling through life's hardships with grit, stamina, and a peaceful mind.  I wrote the majority of the tunes in my building in Rockford, IL.   (I also added in 3 tunes that I wrote for my wedding 3 years ago.)  The album art was made by my incredibly talented friend and neighbor Jenny Mathews.  

Here's my plug: if you're interested in stuffing a stocking (or twenty) with meaningful gifts this year, I highly recommend this cd.  It's just $10 in the "Music" section of my site.  Or you can email me your order at  I guarantee the album will make it to you by Christmas.

End of plug.  Onto weekly musings.  

Reader, the division within the United States has never felt bigger to me; slanderous language is everywhere, everyday.  So much righteousness exists on both sides.  I know I'm guilty of it, too. I regularly hear Democrats calling Republicans brainless, hypocritical egoists.  And I hear Republicans calling Democrats brainless, hypocritical snowflakes.  

It's this word "snowflake" that has been hounding me all week.  It's a derogatory term applied to liberals because of their tendency to get upset (melt) in response to conservative policies that they consider harsh.  Now I'm fiscally conservative, but otherwise liberal; I vote with the Dems because I like that they tend to be more progressive, environmentally and socially.  I also like that they tend to care more about the welfare of all humans, not just Americans.

Which I guess makes me a snowflake.  

It feels odd.  I've just released an album about having a backbone.  I believe so strongly in resilience and strength of character. Still, the other half of the country consider me weak because I care.

Well you know what?  I like caring.  A LOT.  I think it's one of my best qualities.  Caring gives me a conscience and fills me with empathy, compassion, and humility.  These are good values that I'm trying to instill in my children. 

Then I got to thinking about Republican "egoists." Most of my family members are Republicans.  According to them, they like putting the welfare of themselves and their families first. That prioritization fills them with loyalty, honor, and a strong work ethic.  These are good values that they're trying to instill in their children.

My point?  Nobody is just one thing, and generalizations don't work, as tempting as they are.  One of the most beautiful aspects about humans is how much we're capable of embodying, within just one body.  We can be caring liberals and still having a backbone.  We can be driven conservatives while still being caring.  So much coexists within us.  Particularly around the holidays, I hope we continue trying to coexist with each other.  I know I'll be trying. See you next Sunday. -Em



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