Love That Kid

I'm not sure if it's just because I can finally smell again, but this week was pretty great.  I worked hard, spent time with my family, and made time to write music. Also, I just today found out that headbands are back in style, so I'm apparently fashionable again after 30 years. 

Lucky me. 

I'm playing a show in 6 days, and I've been digging through old music to come up with a set list.  At most shows, I choose my most recent material.  I just connect to it more. But for some reason, I felt like digging into old songs for this gig.  So I opened my notebook from TWENTY-ONE years ago.   

What I discovered was hard to look at. Most of the old tunes made me cringe.  How was I that naive and smug?  Why did I even bother to write this?  Did I really get up on stage and sing this crap?! 

Then it dawned on me. That girl is ME.  She was and is ME. I'm berating myself through time. That's not something I'm interested in doing. 

Besides, some of those tunes aren't half bad.  They were raw and felt real to me at the time.  I'm going to resurrect a few of them for the show on Sunday. 

Reader, we are the sum of everything we've gone through; there's no sense hating who we were before.  If you too find yourself ever berating the kid you once were, try talking a bit more nicely to them.  No good can come from being mean to yourself at any point in your timeline.  Hell, 30 years from now, that kid may even be back in style.  I'll see you next Monday. -Em

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