I'm A Creep. I'm A Weirdo

I took a solo vacation this week.  From Wednesday to Saturday, I rented a small stone house (with surprisingly nice acoustics) in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. I loaded in my instruments, made a lot of food, and spent hours every day at the piano.  Outside, the snow was falling peacefully.  The hills were rolling.  The waterfalls were frozen and stunning.  And with everything being so damned beautiful out there, I was certain I would create equally beautiful and peaceful songs. 

Nope.  I wrote angry, pounding, dissonant songs with lyrics so cutting I’d be afraid to meet me in a dark alley. 

And I truly have no idea where the songs came from, but apparently, my muses needed me to know that I’m miffed about a lot more than I knew. 

Reader, I’m going to keep it short tonight because I’ve written a lot this week.  Please let my crazy songwriting excursion serve as a reminder: we have so much more going on beneath the surface than we know.  As busy as life gets, we absolutely need an outlet to express ourselves, not just to express what we think is on our minds, but maybe more importantly: what we don’t even know is on our minds. 

And I guess my mind had a LOT of creepy stuff in there that I've been suppressing.  I’m relieved it’s finally out in the open..in song form. I’ll see you next Monday.  -Em

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