Hard Times And All

I'm a lucky lady.

In the past 9 days, I have: had a world-class harmonica player add tracks to my upcoming album, hosted a wedding for two incredible humans in my tiny hometown restaurant, watched my children head back to school with confidence and grace, and spent days with my coworkers in the North Woods. 

I've taken so many mental snapshots; I could fill a library in my mind.

Particularly meaningful were these past few days with my restaurant staff. We cooked on the beach and jumped in Lake Superior.  We hiked the Porcupine Mountains.  We went whitewater kayaking and climbed up waterfalls. We laid out under the stars, and we talked late into the night around bonfires. 

Under those stars, I thought a lot about my life. 

I want this life. Hard times and all.

I want the scars on my arms from burning them while making pastries at the restaurant. I want the bags under my eyes from staying up late with kids when they're sick. I even want the longing in my heart to play my songs on bigger stages: the desire fuels me in a way that fulfillment never could. 

Reader, somewhere in the North Woods, I realized: I chose this path...every difficult step of it.  Given the chance, I'd choose it again.  The steepest climbs yield the most spectacular views, metaphorically and in real life.  I'm grateful for every painful step that got me to this mindset. 

I truly hope you've had a good week, and I'll see you next Monday. -Em 

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