Grow Forth

I was at the restaurant slicing green onions this week.  After I finished the job, I went to throw away the unusable parts at the bottom of the onion. 


One of the chefs was storming through the kitchen to stop me from throwing out the small roots.  He explained that those roots could be planted to create new another round of onions.  I was amazed.  How have I lived so long without knowing such a simple fact?

I took them home.  Five short days later of letting them sit in a little water, I have an entirely new batch of green onions.

Reader, it's been another doozy of a week, probably for you too.  Something in the air lately has made everybody a bit more frustrated and eager to give up on others.  I'm guilty of it too.  

But just a gentle reminder this week: let's try not to give up on the people and things that we assume are without use.  They may surprise you.  And those surprises are worth fighting for. As the year becomes more volatile, the more important it will be to provide new room for growth, both for ourselves and others. 

Grow forth.  See you next Monday. -Em


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