Easing In

It's been an extra busy week, and this will be an extra short blog. This songwriting mama is tired.

With the construction at my building complete, I spent the week getting my place ready to function as restaurant.  


Full disclosure: I have zero experience running a restaurant.  And like everything, starting new tasks can be overwhelming.  It's hard to know where to begin.  As excited as I am to see my kitchen equipment arrive, I'm also a bit terrified.  Just when I was feeling confident in my job as a general contractor, I've now got to figure out how to be a restaurateur.

Where do I start?

Answer: somewhere.

It seems to me that--when life gives us more than we can handle--it's less important to know where to start than it is to know to start at all.  This week, I began easing into Phase 2 at my building, a little haphazardly.  I unloaded my freezer, some sinks, and cutting boards.  I put a finishing coat of epoxy paint in my storage area.  I unpacked my shelving units.  Admittedly, my order of events doesn't make sense.

But I'm underway.  

Reader, if you've got something big to tackle in your life this week, I hope you're not too overwhelmed.  Starting anywhere is a good start.  Take a lesson from my son, who is easing his way into potty training by wearing underwear...on the outside of his pants.  It's not even close to where he need to be, but at least he has begun.  

Wishing you more joy than a toddler in two pairs of super hero underpants. See you next Sunday. -Em


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