Don't Dwell

Happy New Year, Reader.  On January 1st, I took a cold winter's walk with my new rescue pup, Franklin.  We got a few inches of snow here in Illinois, and strolling outside was a great time for thinking about the year we left behind. Having thought on it, I've decided to make only one resolution this year: 

Don't dwell. 

Or maybe more rightly: move on quickly.  The more I considered the past year, the more I realized that the only thing keeping me from being happy most days is my tendency to hold on to emotions, both the good and the bad.  Last year, I wrecked countless perfectly nice moments by remembering mistakes of my past, then allowing myself to wallow in them. 

No more.   

In 2022, when I make a mistake, I'm going to sincerely and swiftly apologize for it, then move forward. Likewise, if I do something good, I'm going to bask in it for a moment, then move forward.  If I miss somebody, I'll remember them, then enjoy the ones I'm with.  Life goes far too quickly to hold onto feelings, and I don't want to miss any more moments replaying emotions that aren't relevant. 

In related news, I got a telescope for Christmas, and I plan to spend a lot more time looking outside of myself and into the sky. Because there's nothing quite like being reminded of how small we all are to help us make the most of every minute we're here.  See you next Monday. -Em

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