Daring To Specialize

The old adage "you can't please everyone" is resonating hard with me this week.

I'm getting close to opening my brunch pub, The Norwegian (thenorwegian.com).  Throughout the course of this build-out, I've been feeling anxious about just how Scandinavian everything is turning out.  The chairs, stools, lighting fixtures, EVERYTHING is Nordic. 

So this old Swede feels right at home.

But it's hitting me hard that it may not feel right to everybody.  If eating lefse and salmon off a cutting board in a bright wooden dining room isn't for you, then you're probably not going to like eating at my place.  And you know what?

That's just fine.

We're never going to make everyone happy.  We're just too different.  And even if there were one lovable thing that united us all, what fun would that be? We wouldn't have any diversity.  Whether you're starting a small business or just going through your day, I think all you can do is love what you love; others will either love it too, or move on to what feels right to them.

I leave you with a side-by-side picture of some framing I did this week.  It's an area for kids that I've been calling "Baby Bergen;" I'm modeling it after the city in Norway.  It's pretty niche, but I am crazy for it.  Reader, whatever you're up to this week, I hope you dare to be true to what moves you without fear of who won't like you for it.  See you next Sunday. -Em


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