Concert this week

You know what I miss most in this year of Covid? 

It’s not just the usual family gatherings and hugs, although I do miss those.  It’s not visiting theatres or restaurants or live concerts, although I REALLY miss those.  And it’s not even the money that I made before I was unemployed, because let’s be honest: there was never much to miss. 

But I miss connection like crazy.  Real shared air, shared experience and closeness and the reciprocal boost of energy and understanding that came with it.

Reader, I’m keeping it brief tonight. This Wednesday, I’m playing a concert online, and I hope you’ll come to it. Any donation gets you in, and the link is here. I haven’t played a show in a while, and I’m looking forward to singing for you all.  No, it won’t be the same as sharing a show in the real world. But it’s the best we can do during these times, and the best we can do is still worth doing.

Please send extra love to a restaurant worker this week.  We are so tired.  It’s hard to be in the hospitality industry when circumstances make it hard to be hospitable.  I'll see you back here again next Monday. -Em

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