This week, my restaurant hosted an art show for a woman named Beverly.  Beverly is in her 70's, and she just started painting 2 years ago.  But she felt a calling to paint.  And now--in a later chapter of life--she's finding a new purpose. 

It's inspiring. 

And it got me thinking about our calling.  I used to think humans were meant to find just one.  Now I'm rethinking it. 

I've felt a lot of callings. Teaching, songwriting, parenting, running a restaurant...each filled my heart and mind with joy, wonder, and a sense of meaningful sacrifice. Lately, I've been feeling a call to do more. 

Namely: to create more job opportunities for the people in my neighborhood. 

The only thing that's been holding me back is the fear that it's too damn late to add in something else to an already full plate of callings.  But Beverly's show lit a fire in me.  And I've spent the week putting together a business plan for a grocery store that I hope will create more jobs here.  Whether or not it takes off, it feels good to answer the call without being held back by the fear that I'm too late for it. 

Reader, if you too feel your heart being pulled in a direction of meaningful purpose and sacrifice, best to see where it leads.  It doesn't mean you need to abandon all you've done before now.  It just means you're meant to listen.  We're never too old to answer a new call. 

See you next Monday. -Em

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